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BMC Solves PSVAR Issue for Jones

I was contacted recently by Jason Jones of Jone’s Coaches in Herefordshire who was in a predicament. He had a requirement for PSVAR compliant belted service bus but with a high maximum capacity rather than the more usual 42 or 45. The answer, an ex West Yorkshire BMC Condor. This is a vehicle that ticks all the boxes with a seating capacity of 57 with all age 3 point seat belts, full PSVAR compliance, and a tried and tested Cummins / Voith driveline. We were about to advertise this one for sale for Meredith’s Coaches in Malpas, Cheshire but she didn’t make the website. Jason and his Dad Phillip came to inspect the vehicle and it fitted the bill nicely. She’s now down in Herefordshire ready for whatever September brings. Thanks to David and his team at Meredith’s for their assistance and we’d all like to wish Jason the best of luck with his new purchase.

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